Emscher Art presents the “Black Circle Square”

Dortmund & Castrop-Rauxel-Ickern - Germany

On 14 August 2016, the work of art “Black Circle Square” was inaugurated as part of the Emscherkunst (Emscher Art) programme at the large flood plain extending from Dortmund-Mengede to Castrop-Rauxel-Ickern. The work designed by artist Massimo Bartolini is a kind of structural copy and further development of the painting “Black Circle” by Russian artist Kazimir Malevich.  
Having been enlarged on a scale of 1:10, the large white square features a recessed black circular pool filled with water. The work of art was made using our special coating MC-DUR 2496 CTP in black and white, not least because this product offers a high level of resistance to yellowing and can be quickly and effectively applied even in damp and wet weather conditions. 

Roman Mensing/Emscherkunst 2016
Roman Mensing/Emscherkunst 2016
  • Meno

    Emscher Art presents the “Black Circle Square”

  • Krajina

    Dortmund & Castrop-Rauxel-Ickern - Germany, 2016

  • Kategórie

    Floor Coatings

  • Produkty

    MC-DUR 2496 CTP

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