Carpark Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden - Germany

The Kurparkgarage, which is located directly below the spa casino and garden, ensures fast, easy and weather-protected access to the spa facilities. Since its upgrade, it has been able to offer 550 generous and bright parking bays, including a sufficient number specifically designed for women’s safety and disabled access. Further safety and security is provided by a CCTV monitoring system watched constantly by the staff at the cash desk in the entrance area.
The terms of reference for the refurbishment project were comprehensive indeed. They extended from the repair and sealing of structural joints to the complete rehabilitation of the wall and column plinths, including the raising of the concrete deck and even the provision of a new surface coating for the aisles and parking bays – with the added requirement that the new underground car park should be given a friendly, open appearance. It was also ensured that in car park lane C the design that was developed by the advertising agency red egg of Stuttgart reflected the casino’s activities.
Thorough rehabilitation
The injection work on the joints started in 2014 using MC-Injekt GL-95 TX. This latest generation of highly durable and groundwater-compatible hydrostructural resins is the ideal solution wherever access to the outer surface of the component requiring waterproofing is not possible. The injected resin serves to seal voids and cavities including joints in a building’s structure and has proven its functional effectiveness in many projects. This acrylate-based soft-elastic injection resin is resistant to the frost/thaw cycle and was used to durably seal around 500 metres of joints in the underground car park.

The extensive rehabilitation project of the “Kurparkgarage” in Baden-Baden is a prime example of how a car park can be successfully upgraded.
The extensive rehabilitation project of the “Kurparkgarage” in Baden-Baden is a prime example of how a car park can be successfully upgraded.
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The repair of the wall and column plinths and the coating work for aisles A-C followed in 2015. The product used to rehabilitate the plinths was the MC-developed concrete replacement system Nafufill KM 250 which, in addition to a high degree of fire resist-ance (class F120) is also characterised by high resistance to carbonation and de-icing salts. This was augmented by a chloride-proof surface protection system. The tested and approved R4 mortar Nafufill KM 250 adds to the structural strength of a building and, with its unique technical properties, is the ideal solution for reprofiling wall, column and ceiling/deck areas. It also offers the flexibility of being easy to apply both manually and by spraying. The mixture of high carbonation resistance, de-icing salt resistance, chloride resistance and high compressive strength means that this material provides a real backbone to concrete repairs in structurally relevant areas.


In all, the project required 3,700 square metres of floor surface to be coated and protected. After the substrate had been treated by shot-blasting, it was initially primed with the low-viscous and transparent universal epoxy resin MC-DUR 1200 VK. This was followed by a scratch and blowhole filler comprising a mixture of the same epoxy resin and quartz sand (0.1 to 0.3 mm) mixed at a ratio of 1:1 in order to smooth out unevenness. The next stage involved applying the anti-slip contact layer. The product used in this case was MC-DUR 1252, a hard-wearing and highly resistant epoxy resin coating especially suited to car park applications. This was likewise mixed with quartz sand with particle sizes from 0.1 to 0.3 mm and subsequently scattered with quartz sand in the size range 0.2 to 0.7 mm. Finally, a coloured topcoat seal was applied in the form of another layer of MC-DUR 1252 offering very high wear-resistance and also high chemical resistance to create a perfectly level, durable floor with high anti-slip protection.


Pleasing to the eye


The fact that this thorough reconstruction of the floor had more than just structural and safety-relevant purpose is revealed by the appearance of the newly designed sectors of the “Kurparkgarage”. An aesthetically appealing colour concept contributes to the visual distinction achieved in the different parking levels and in marking the walkways and emergency escape routes, thus enhancing both the safety and the elegance of the entire building. And the fact that the colour combinations give a complete segment of the car park the look of a casino’s roulette table provides an indication of how design elegance has also contributed to the success of this extensive rehabilitation.

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