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São Paulo - Brazil

In 2010, the professional soccer club Palmeiras São Paulo made the decision to replace its venerable yet ageing stadium and erect a new, modern, multi-functional arena to comply with FIFA standards – a venue for more than 44,000 spectators with adjoining retail outlets, restaurants and a car park, not just for football matches but also for major events of all kinds.
The prerequisites

The surfaces of the stadium walkways, and also the floors along the corridors and in the toilets of the new arena constituted an important part of the construction planning. High requirements were placed on their functionality, safety, cost-efficiency and aesthetic appearance. Aside from constant mechanical wear and tear by the public, the WC areas also had to be able to withstand elevated chemical attack caused by the cleaning agents used. To ensure a long-lasting and attractive result throughout the entire useful life of the floor surfaces, they likewise needed to exhibit good UV resistance. The natural movements of the huge structure also had to be taken into account because too rigid a system would have given rise to cracking. Consequently, the floor covering needed to exhibit a degree of flexibility. The construction engineers Proasp charged with planning the build contacted various suppliers including MC to see if a suitable product system could be found.

Winning performance in the Palmeiras stadium
Winning performance in the Palmeiras stadium
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The solution

MC suggested the polyurethane resin coating MC-DUR 2052 UVB and a finish in the form of black, white and grey decorative chips held in place by a transparent sealant in the form of the speciality polyurethane matte coating MC-DUR 2095 M. This high-performance structure satisfied all the technical requirements of the new stadium while also offering an outstanding aesthetic outcome: The resin coating MC-DUR 2052 UVB exhibits enhanced slip resistance, thus minimising the fall hazard. It is suitable for internal and external applications and creates a high-quality and extremely durable floor surface. The coating is UV-resistant and therefore colour-stable. The sealant proposed for finishing the floor, MC-DUR 2095 M, likewise exhibits high UV stability together with excellent covering power, flexible application characteristics and cost-efficient consumption combined with outstanding placement properties.
The high-performance sealant creates a hard surface and is characterised by very good cleanability. This reduces the cost and effort involved in cleaning the floor, thus further enhancing cost-efficiency and environmental compatibility. It also exhibits high resistance to mechanical and chemical attack and heavy temperature fluctuations, while providing a long-lasting, blemish-free surface of high-quality appearance.
The solution proposed by MC was not only technically and aesthetically convincing in the eyes of the planning engineers, it could also be implemented more quickly and cost-efficiently. The client was also able to rely on the work being carried out on schedule, despite the tight deadlines involved, by an applicator comprehensively trained by the MC technical team.

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