Dialogue with the youth

Mar 06, 2018

‘What kind of high school graduation or university degree do you have?’, ‘What was your final grade?’, ‘What profession would you have chosen if you had not joined the family business?’, ‘Are you wary of industrial espionage and if so, how do you protect yourselves?’, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’. In addition to posing questions concerning the company, the 56 students of the Don Bosco Gymnasium High School in Essen and Castrop-Rauxel Vocational College were also keen to learn some more personal details about their hosts, MC managing partners Dr.-Ing. Claus-M Müller and Nicolaus Müller.


On 5 March 2018, the students visited MC-Bauchemie as part of the “Dialogue with Youth” programme initiated by the educational charity “Stiftung Talent-Metropole Ruhr”, enabling them to gain first-hand insights in to the work of a globally active company. After the visit to the Kruppwald site, Dr.-Ing. Claus-M Müller and Nicolaus Müller had invited the students to the MC training and seminar centre on Müllerstrasse for a Q&A session. Hence this lively intergenerational dialogue between the young visitors and the two executives.


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Dialogue with the youth
Dialogue with the youth
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