New flexible sealing slurry

Jul 05, 2017

With Nafutop HT, MC-Bauchemie has launched onto the market a single-component, highly flexible and crack-bridging sealing slurry applicable to surfaces with temperatures of up to +70°C.
The light-grey, highly flexible sealing slurry is easy to use, offers high yield values and can be readily applied without additional primer with a wide brush, trowel or roller. It can also be spray-applied with the aid of a spiral pump to achieve an even higher yield level per unit area. Nafutop HT offers very high resistance to UV, frost, alkalis/bases and ageing and is ideal as a waterproofing barrier for prefabricated garage roofs and concrete foundations characterised by high surface temperatures up to +70°C. The resultant barrier is water-resistant after approximately 24 hours and will bridge cracks up to 0.4mm wide.
It can also be used for lightweight concrete, aerated concrete and masonry, as well as seal render and hardened mortar in the categories CS II, III and IV per EN 998-1, i.e. with compressive strength values after 28 days of at least 1.5 N/mm². Nafutop HT has been tested to EN 1504-2 and is thus approved as a surface protection system for concrete structures. The sealing slurry is coatable and can also be plastered or rendered.
Nafutop HT from MC is particularly suited to prefabricated concrete components and garage constructions, offering simpler, faster and more reliable waterproofing, including on visible surfaces. It saves time, accelerates the build and thus ultimately improves process cost-efficiency.
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Saki M. Moysidis, PR-Manager

Nafutop HT the new flexible sealing slurry for warm surfaces
Nafutop HT the new flexible sealing slurry for warm surfaces
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