MC opens new production facility in Ghana

Aug 26, 2019

On 17 July 2019, MC-Bauchemie Ghana Ltd. (“MC Ghana”) celebrated the official launch of its business, with 100 representatives from politics, industry and academia as well as customers and partners all attending the festive inauguration of a new production plant in the Ghanaian capital of Accra.
The team around Noble Bediako, Managing Director of MC Ghana, together with Moritz Koch, Business Development Manager responsible for local operations, have successfully built up a sales network in the West African country since the founding of MC Ghana at the beginning of 2016, getting the MC name known and recording numerous successes in the interim.
New production facility

In Accra, MC Ghana has now commissioned another production plant, raising the manufacturing capacity of the Ghanaian company to whole a whole new level. “Here in Ghana, we don't need the entire MC product range; instead, we produce some 16 different product groups, applying the same first-class quality standards that MC is known for worldwide, but with properties and attributes adapted to the needs of the regional construction sector,” explains Moritz Koch. Managing Director Noble Bediako adds: “We already produce various concrete admixtures such as superplasticisers, retarders and hardening accelerators for our market. In our new facility, we will now also be manufacturing concrete repair products, grouting concretes and mortars, as well as waterproofing systems, thus offering our customers a comprehensive service with enhanced technical support.”
Ghana’s booming construction sector

The construction sector accounts for around 14% of Ghana's gross domestic product and has been booming for a number of years now. Experts predict a further significant increase in growth this year in the wake of increased investment in infrastructure projects such as roads, seaports and housing.
“The economic situation in Ghana looks promising and the country has one of the best democratic systems on the continent. So it’s important for us to continue to invest in this market,” stresses Nicolaus Müller, Managing Director of MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG, to which Christoph Hemming, Regional Manager Africa at MC, adds: "Our primary motivation is to contribute with our products and systems to the development of a better and more sustainable construction landscape in Ghana. However, rather than aiming to establish a German company in Ghana, we want to grow a Ghanaian company with German know-how.”
Focus on training and expertise

Over the past few years, MC Ghana has trained over 700 craftsmen, applicators, architects, engineers and construction operatives - extending across a significant number of companies - in the manufacture and repair of concrete. “We stand by a maxim of our company founder Heinrich W. Müller, who said that ‘any building product is only as good as its application’. So we attach great importance to ensuring that the users of our products know exactly how to get the best out of them,” says Noble Bediako. It is a principle that is literally set in concrete: In addition to the new production facility, MC Ghana has also opened a training centre in Accra ready to deliver a range of such courses. And a modern concrete laboratory has also been set up to support operators in the construction industry in improving the quality of construction.
“We want to use the findings of our local research & development effort – in harness with local universities – to provide the construction sector in Ghana with the best materials we can,” says Noble Bediako. “We are also exploring opportunities for collaboration with other research institutions to put some of their research findings into practice.” Emmanuel Martey, Chairman of the Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry, has already voiced his support: “The focus now is sector skill development to support professionals. We are ready to collaborate with MC-Bauchemie. 'Be Sure. Build Sure’ encapsulates the aims of the Chamber.”
MC-Bauchemie in Africa

MC-Bauchemie has long-standing business relations across the entire African continent and has been represented for several years by its own companies in Ghana and Guinea, and since the end of 2018 in Ethiopia as well. 
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Group picture of the MC leadership team with the team of MC Ghana at the ceremony in Accra.
Group picture of the MC leadership team with the team of MC Ghana at the ceremony in Accra.
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