MC aktiv anniversary issue has been published

Sep 07, 2022

The current MC aktiv is all about the 60th or diamond anniversary of MC-Bauchemie. The 61st year of MC's existence is a year of transition. Therefore, we look at the present, provide information about the latest news, but also talk to our management and take you on a journey through the history of MC-Bauchemie.

The anniversary issue of MC aktiv has been published in May 2022.
The anniversary issue of MC aktiv has been published in May 2022.
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MAIN FEATURE: 60 years MC-Bauchemie – concrete meets diamond

On December 1st, 2021, MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG had reason to celebrate: Exactly 60 years ago to the day, on December 1st, 1961, the company founded by Heinrich W. Müller officially started its business activities. Unfortunately, a diamond jubilee celebration could not be celebrated due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. The focus of our first edition of MC aktiv in 2022 is therefore the eventful history of MC-Bauchemie - from a small company with 25 employees to a global company with over 2,500 employees. Embark on a journey through the successful history of MC!

IN BRIEF: Handover of the baton

As planned, Dr. Claus-M. Müller retired from the management of MC-Bauchemie and thus from his direct operating business responsibilities on 1 January 2022, passing the baton to his son Nicolaus M. Müller and Dr. Ekkehard zur Mühlen. Read more about this in our MC aktiv or on our website: >> To the news ...

BIG PICTURE: Modern built on Bottrop’s skyline

MC-Bauchemie has been located in Bottrop’s “Am Kruppwald” industrial estate for almost six decades, growing building by building as the intervening years have passed. In October 2018, a major project was successfully completed at MC’s main site, marking another milestone in the company’s history. With the new construction, which has provided more than 3,000 m² of additional office and logistics space, and a whole series of structural modernisations and extensions, MC has gradually given itself a new face, assuming a dominant position on the Am Kruppwald site.

INNOVATIONS: Over 60 years of pioneering MC advancements

Dedicated to innovation and always one step ahead of the established norm: this is the ambition and the philosophy that drives MC forward. The company’s commitment to research and the development of new products and systems has remained deeply embedded within its DNA since day one. And this is precisely one of the reasons for MC’s success over the last sixty-plus years. In our two-page report, we present examples of MC innovations from the last 60 years.

BEST PRACTICE: Interesting projects from six decades

In contrast to the previous MC aktiv issues, we do not report on current projects in our anniversary edition, but exemplary on interesting product systems and projects from the past six decades – from the 1960s to the 2010s; from the NAFU protection and sealing system in the 1960s to the MC Special concrete additive in the 1970s and the QS system with which MC set the standard in the 1980s; from Potsdamer Platz, the largest inner-city construction site in Europe in the 1990s, to the Taiwan High Speed Railway in the 2000s to the large-scale Maracanã Stadium construction site in Rio in the 2010s.

PORTRAIT: Dr. Claus M. Müller – a life dedicated to MC

We dedicate our In company section to our long-standing Managing Director Dr. Claus M. Müller. As the elder son of Heinrich W. Müller, founder of MC-Bauchemie, Dr. Claus-M. Müller joined MC in November 1972 and was appointed Managing Director just two years later. In this role, he demonstrated great courage in his entrepreneurial decision-making and developed the company into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction chemicals.



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